Send an Email Workflow not sending email when I include attachment template

I tried having an Action that will trigger Send an Email workflow whenever I add an Email add to a form. It is working and sending an email if I only add an Email Body and not an attachment Template.

If I put Attachment Template (PDF) via Create, the workflow seems not functioning. The tables are being updated but I am not receiving any emails from the workflow.

Welcome to the community @Lemuel_Del_Rosario

Various things to check:

If you followed all these steps first, you should be ok.
Remember to Save after every step.

If not:

  • can you please click on the “Test” button on top of your Workflow window
  • on the tab that will be created, click on Execute
  • tell us the error message that pops up ?

I just tried testing the workflow and I already found out the problem. I forgot to put the reference in the template! Silly me. Thank you for suggesting to test the workflow!