Send custom notifications based on usersettings

I have a “country” setting in the usersettings and I would like to send different notifications based on the settings that user has chosen. From what I have seen it is not possible, but it would be interesting to have that option, since I think many of us segment our users with the usersettings.

I would also like to know if it is possible to use a conditional deeplink to redirect users when open the notification to different views depending on their usersettings. I have several slices and views depend on usersettings.

I have a whitelabel app.

You are correct that the functions you are describing are not possible with User Settings. It is because User Settings are meant to be device side settings only. Meaning they are only stored on the device (not sure about how desktop browser is stored). The functions you are describing run on AppSheet servers and therefore will not (and likely never will) have access to the User Settings.

However, you can build your own user settings table that will have the choices available to both devices and servers.


This post may help with implementing a User table, and conforming your app around that.


Thanks, I was ignorant of the fact that I can’t access to user settings.

Thank you, this will be very useful to me. My app is public and I can’t require sign in, but by separating the user settings in a user table, could I segment the notifications according to the user table? Because it still seems not possible :worried:

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I’ve actually got a sample app that shows how to do this, with an overview of the app on my Patreon page:

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