Send email and attach file documents

I have created a work flow to send against the column update change to APPROVED. Is it possible to attach a file /files of another table [quotation]. The app is all about requests forwarded by a department with multiple items. When the items get approved a mail is send. I want also to send through this mail an attachment which is in another table of the column named quotation. Can you help me

Hi, Lisie,

Yes, it is possible to attach a file or files from another table. In the workflow setting, after the section about attachment template, you’ll find a setting about “Other Attachment”, which is a field supports expressions. That is the place to attach other attachment.

Here below I paste a link as well, FYI.

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Hi Sharplighten,

Thank you for the reply which clearly answers to my solution for other attachments and i have given expressions with table and column in the “Other Attachment” but i dont still get any attachments. Let me tell few other things of the app. The app is not deployed and i had created a Email Body Template with google docs and i have edited the template. Though i receive the emails when the product column status gets approved but it is the default email not the edited email body template which i had set and i dont get the other attachment

Can you help me with this

Hi Lisie,
It’s good to see your reply.

Would you please let me know the attachment you’d like to send through is an existing file which saved in somewhere and the file name & path were stored in another table? or do you want send a dynamic attachment which contents are combined by some column value of another table?

For the former, "Other Attachment“ is what we can use, however, for the later, we’ll have to use “Attachment Template”, which is in workflow setting as well.

There is a page about attachment template, FYI.


The OTHER ATTACHMENT is another table. The problem now I am facing is that i edited the default email body template, but still the default mail is coming

Hi Sharplighten,

Thank you very much it is working now but now the entire column is getting attached.

What I entered was the following “Other Attachment” Quote[Quotation]. Were “Quote” is the other table name and “Quotation” is the the column name. Now when the workflow is triggered the entire column gets attached.

What should i do to resolve this