Send Email Workflow not Working

I have a workflow that simply sends an email on any adds or updates to my table. I have added in the “To” field my outlook email address as well as USEREMAIL() to send the report to the person who added the inspection. When I test the workflow, it sends to my outlook email and my google creator account email. The app is deployed but even with a new record added, it acts like it’s still in prototype mode and only sends the email to my creator account. I had someone else test the app who is in my user whitelist and they never received the email even with USEREMAIL() as the recipient. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

Do you have an active license?

Hi Sarah,

The first thing to check is the Audit History as described here

If that does not resolve the problem, please provide:

  1. Your account id
  2. The app name
  3. The workflow rule name
  4. The exact steps to reproduce the problem.

Yes, we are on a corporate license.
“New PDI Checklist” and “New Rework Report”

  1. add a record through the app with at least S/O # filled out
  2. save and sync the record
  3. the two workflows I have added only send to my creator account

Hi Sarah,

Rule “New Rework Report” has been invoked 16 times on 4/8/2019.

In 12 of those cases, application “PDIApp-627474” was in “Prototype” rather than “Deployed” state. As a result, the email was only sent to the app creator. The Audit History for those 12 instances contains the following warning:

Warnings: ‘Warning: App version 1.000212 is not deployed. All workflow emails are therefore being sent to the app creator. This email should have gone To ‘,’ CC’ed to ‘’ and BCC’ed to ‘’’

The other 4 cases occurred while the application was deployed. In each case the email was sent to the intended recipients, but in all 4 of those cases you were the one submitting the update, so the emails only went to you. You can confirm that by looking at the Audit History.

To do that:

  1. Search the Audit History looking for instances of the workflow rule.
  2. Check the audit record and look for the UserId value. It will tell you who performed the update.
  3. Check the email ‘To’, ‘CC’, and ‘BCC’ values in the audit record.

Here are the 4 audit records for the workflow rule that occurred while the app was deployed. In all cases, you were the one making the update.

UserId: 627474, EventTimeStamp: 4/8/2019 3:01:09 PM +00:00, TraceId: f0bc5eea-78b1-45d9-a752-2fa074f411a0

UserId: 627474, EventTimeStamp: 4/8/2019 2:51:53 PM +00:00, TraceId: 6c275126-aa87-411a-ac7b-36f9dc8ff132

UserId: 627474, EventTimeStamp: 4/8/2019 2:49:06 PM +00:00, TraceId: c10027ae-0919-4e44-949e-01f8fc88d996

UserId: 627474, EventTimeStamp: 4/8/2019 2:25:22 PM +00:00, TraceId: 3ad03ec1-efd1-4eb7-a022-a44a02062874

After redeploying the app and sending a new install link, the email still doesn’t send to the USEREMAIL() of the person logged in.

I figured it out. I had the stable app on an earlier version so it wasn’t technically “deployed” yet.