Send last entry by email

Good morning,

I have an app which is now almost fully functioning thanks to a lot of help from AppSheet and this community. The app has a site table and two related meter read tables, Gas and Electricity. The user enters the latest meter reading in the appropriate table and for the site for which he is responsible. That is working well.
At the end of the month, I want the app to automatically send an email to the Manager showing for each site only the most recent reading from each Read table. I can get the email to work but all reads are sent. How can I limit this to only the most recent?
Many thanks again.

Hi Denis, create a slice where it shows only the last reading and then use that slice as a source for your schedule report.

Hello I am working on something similar and I wanted to ask how to create a slice where only the last reading is shown?



Replace table with the name of the table being sliced.

Thank you. I am very new to appsheet so where would I put this?

I tried the expression, but it still sent every entry from the source file as a separate email. Is there no way to only do the most recent entry?

This is still sending every entry in the app as an email rather than the most recent. Is there any way to stop this.