Send Scheduled Emails based on User Email

My main table contains rows from different users who input data through the app and all the data accumulates in one table. I want to email scheduled reports to those users BUT only for their own data. For example see below:

 [User Email]                  [Timestamp]                [Member ID]               [Name] 9/23/2020 23:29:45 1002 Name1 9/23/2020 23:49:31 1002 Name2 9/23/2020 23:53:54 1003 Name3

I want to send a scheduled email report to for row # 1 only
I want to send a scheduled email report to for rows # 2 and 3 only

How do I do that? Please help.


You need a table that contains one row for each user who can potentially have work and need to receive an email.

Your Report would use the 'For Each Row In Table" option for that table.
That causes the Report to be repeated for each user in turn.

You actual report would use the user name from the current table row to determine if the user has pending work. If so, it would Select the and list the appropriate data items for that user.

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I came across this item since my problem is the same as this one. Tried to follow the recommendation to create a table that contains user emails that need to receive an email. My question now is how to filter item row#2 and #3 and send it to

So what Iā€™d do is as follows

Have a table of users
In Appsheet have a virtual list column that references the table above. So that you if you go into the table of users you can see data for that user
Then create a schedukled Bot that runs on each row of the table of users. In the template file you can then easily list that persons data

Hope this helps

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