Send Single Notification

Hello, I’ve setup a Bot Event which runs at 9am daily.

It processes rows in a sheet based on an event filter condition.

It currently sends a notification for every filtered row processed (eg processing 10 rows would produce 10 app notifications)

How can I send only a single notification once all filtered rows are processed? (eg only a single notification for that event after all the 10 rows are processed, rather than one for each row)

If your event is a not ForEachRowInTable you can write a expression that will validate that all the rows are matching your criteria and return a boolean. You can put that in the event condition and then have a single step in the process to send the email that you require.

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This might duplicate what @Dan_Bahir said but basically you’d take your filter condition and use is as a <<START: XXXXXX condition in a template file. You then setup your bot to look at the table not individual rows


Thank you @Dan_Bahir & @1minManager for your suggestions.

I’ve implemented Dan’s suggestion.

Is there any place that I can make a feature suggestion to add a feature to Appsheet to have the ability to include a step/task after all rows processed? It seems like it might be a useful feature.

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Post there: #requests