Sending 1/2 completed Form Link to User B to finish the form

Hello Friend,

I am trying to create a workflow or deeplink to where User A starts a form and when user A saves it, a link is sent to User B to finish that same form. I tried using LinktoForm formulas but the links do not work found in the emails. Would be grateful for some direction!

The link I receive for the form is:


the linktoform formula is LINKTOFORM(“Sweeper Breakdown”, [_THISROW].[Work Order Number])

I imagine the formula was looking at Work Order Number to link it to the form. In this case, the number is 7.

Use LINKTOROW() rather than LINKTOFORM() when linking to an existing row.

See also:

Hello Steve,

The LINKTOROW worked. I was able to link 2 users for one form via this formula. Thank you and have a great day!

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