Sending Bulk Emails based on table values and time condition

I am attempting to create a time based trigger that sends follow-up emails to leaders that have not actioned their portion of a workflow within 72 hours of initial notification.

The blurb below (from AppSheet documentation) describes how I may capture the list of leaders, but I was wondering whether this approach is going to send one email with multiple recipients, or it is going to send an individual email to each person in the list? I was also wondering how the time conditioning may work as I cannot compare a direct datetime value to a list of submission times within the app.

I was trying the below to get my conditions to check for row items that are “Under Review”(by the leader), “Completed”(review by admin), and have an elapsed time of 72 hours since initial submission.

Any help is appreciated.

AND(IN(“Under Review”, myTable[leaderApproval]),IN(“Completed”, anotherTable[adminReview]), NOW() - “072:00:00” > [initialTimeStamp])

You can specify that the email addresses be taken from selected rows in another table. For example, you could create a table called PeopleToInform having three columns, Name, EmailAddress, and Department. Each time a new order is added, you can send email to all of the people in the PeopleToInform table who are in the “Sales” Department. Do this by entering the expression:
SELECT(PeopleToInform[EmailAddress], ([Department] = “Sales”), TRUE)

I think you should be looking at a schedule-driven Bot, with ForEveryRecordInTable turned on. For the condition, you’ll want something like this:

  [status] = "xxx" ,
  NOW() - [DateTime] > "072:00:00"

Thanks for the response. I must have glazed over the ForEachRowInTable toggle, under the new automation features. Thanks for the heads-up; my condition seems to be accepted.