Sending Class Reports to Teachers


I want to generate a weekly report for our teachers. I want this report to show them all the students in their class, their total attendance hours, and test results.

I have a Students table that has all this data (the attendance hours and test results are in VCs drawn from related tables). This Students table is also a child table of the Class Table, which contains each teacher’s email.

I’m hoping I can tell AppSheet to do something like, “For each class in the Class table, send a report to [Teacher’s Email] that contains columns X, Y, and Z from all related records in the Students table”.

I’m not sure if that’s possible. I do have an idea for accomplishing the same thing. But I’m hoping/wondering if there is a more efficient way.

The way I think will work is to create a separate slice from the Students table for each and every class, set so that only records in that class are shown. Then create a separate report for each and every class.

Will this work? Is there a better way?

Thank you!

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Thanks Steve!

I was concerned about the formulas/logic to get AppSheet to pull the info from the related records. But I noticed that when I ask AppSheet to generate a template, I see this:

So it looks like AppSheet is nice enough to take care of that for me! Cool!

I’ll play around with this, and make sure the entire expression is on the same line as you suggested in the other post.

Thanks so much!

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