Sending Different Data to Different emails


i need some help in that :
i have one table which contain tasks of all users. for example the table has two columns : task name and user name.

i need at the end of the day that an automatic email to be sent to every user contains only the data assigned to him

is that possible?

Create a slice for both users

users are dynamic. they are not fixed numbered, also i want the emails to be sent automatically at certain time

You need to create a Scheduled Report for your base table with an option of ForEachRow instead of the option of ForEntireTable. Provided you have an email address column in this base table, you can simply specify the [EmailColumnName] in the TO property of the email workflow.

thanks for answering.
but i think this way every user will receive multiple e-mials, because each task will be sent in a different e-mail. i need all the tasks assigned to each user to be sent in one e-mail.
in another way : consolidate all the tasks for assigned to each user and be sent to him

Provided you have REF between your Users Table and your Tasks Table then you can run this scheduled report from the Users Table and in your report template (or email body) you can log each user’s Related Tasks. This way each user will only receive a single email with all their related task information. I may also advise checking these sample apps provided one of them is having the same functionality:


Thanks that solved the issue

You’re welcome