Sending Email with PDF from Salesforce Update using Automation

Hi there,

I don’t know if I can call this a Tips, but I will share what I want to achieve with GA’d Automation.

What does it do?

  1. Set up an Email Task with PDF attached, specifying Salesforce as the data source
  2. Deploy the app and add/update data in Salesforce
  3. Automation captures the Salesforce event, so an email with PDF is sent

Is this a Tips?

Since this is just a general usage of Automation for us, I think it is hard to convey what I am trying to say.
Actually, generating PDFs based on data in Salesforce is a lot of work.
They need to either use a third party application or develop their own custom one. And every time a layout change occurs, they have to repeat the not so fun process.

If your clients are using Salesforce, show them the email alert demo with PDF using Automation.
I’m sure they’ll say “Wow!”
Then, edit the template in GoogleDocs and send the email again.
They will say, “Wow! Wow!” :sunglasses:

Of course, for official operation, a license of Enterprise Standard or higher will be required, and AppSheet may be positioned as a third party application, but I think there is a high possibility that we can achieve greater cost benefits than before. (Unlike the Business Plan, there is no minimum cost, which makes this pattern easier to consider.)