Sending form to other user

Hi everyone,

i was developing one app , in which there are several Users.
User -1 is the manager & others are staff.

while using the app by the users , they create a form with some data. up on saving , is there any way that the form can be sent to User-1 who is the manager for his review & approval.
further once approved , the same form need to go to another user for taking action.

is this type of workflow is supported by Appsheet ?

thank you for your insights.


When you talk about “the form can be sent to”, do you mean sending the filled data with an email?

Thank you @Aleksi,

Yes it is filled data having Email. But it has to be sent to another Appsheet user in App. Not using Email ( the way used in workflows).
user -1 : Fills the form & saves.
the saved form goes to User -2
user 2 makes some changes or signs the form.
the form then goes to User -3 for further process.
at tend the form goes to final destination in the form of Email using workflow.
Thank you

For me it sounds that you want to send a notification for another user to change or sign the existing form. You could send an email with the app/record link to users 2 & 3 so they would know they need to do something. Please check this article how you can send the direct link. You are probably looking the <<_ROW_WEB_URL>>

Thank You @Aleksi
may i know any sample app is available for going through.
i have created the App , But couldnt find where to insert such links.
Thank you again.


I believe we don’t have that kind of sample app at this moment. You can use those template variables with Body field or template.