Sending Line Items to Xero (via Zapier)


Does anyone have any experience or advice on sending data to Xero (or any accounting software) via Zapier for example.

I have used Zapier in the past quite successfully but this time around, trying to send line item data is stumping me.

My output data from my AppSheet app is basically a column for every line item possible and a qty number gets put into the relevant column


Column Name = 6WBS (stands for 6ltr Water Basic Service)
Column Name = 6FBS (stands for 6ltr Foam Basic Service)

each time these are selected in my workflow part of the app they add a quantity number to the relevant column.

Thoughts would be appreciated.

I guess i would also be interested to see if anyone could take a look at what I have built and see if I have done it in the best way and how we would actually go about sharing my app with someone to do just that.