Sending list of products by email

What should I do to send an email with more than one product (description ,photo,price)
I have a table with products and a table with leads
I know how to send one product by trigger a workflow email but what should I do to send in the same email more than one product

Use Reports.

These two articles should help explain how to use them. I believe they require pro plans. You could use the start function on either reports or workflows, so if you are not in a pro plan, you could try using that by a workflow trigger instead of a scheduled report. Hope that helps.


Hi Laura, one way is if you add an EnumList field (Products) into your Leads table. You would need to choose that EnumList’s Base type to “Ref”. With the Ref base type, it saves your key column’s values. When you then have the list of products (key values), you can use Start: & End formulas with the template as @retailpartnercom proposed.

thank you Aleksi
I will try it but the appsheets site is not responding for the last one hour

What kind or warning/error are you seeing? Printscreen maybe?

For me sites are working as normally and nobody else has reported anything similar. From which country are you trying to open these pages?


probably it hs to do with my pc because from mobile it is working fine

Thank you

Yes it sounds.