Sending Personal Birthday Greatings SMS

I am trying to create a workflow for sending automatic Birthday Greetings by SMS to list of peoples already available in App. The names and birthdays are available in the list.
Can anyone tell me how can i do this?

Welcome to Appsheet!!

In AppSheet there are Workflows and Reports. Workflows are triggered by user activity within the application. In your case, you want something to run whether a user is using the app or not…a Report.

You can schedule a report that runs Daily and checks your table to a list of people whose [Birthday] = TODAY(). Then you can send each of these records through an item to send the SMS Birthday greeting.

This obviously, is a high level description. You can find out more about Reports in the article below. Then if you still have specific questions just ask them here in the community.

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And you need to create a virtual column where you convert the date for suitable for this year.

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