Sending Webhooks with Content-Type header : 'multipart/form-data'

Does anyone have experience sending webhooks from AppSheet that include ‘multipart/form-data’ Content-Type?

I’m working with the FreshDesk API, and trying to submit a POST with a body that contains Text, and an array of attachments. Is this even possible with AppSheet?

There is a FORM_URL_ENCODED type, but not ‘multipart/form-data’.

To POST file attachements, those attachments shall be in binary form in the API payload, therefore you need multipart/form-data for that. But AppSheet does not have multipart/form-data as a request type. However may be @Phil can point out another workaround.

Thanks, @LeventK. I thought that was the case but wanted to confirm. Looks like a job for Apps Script!

@GreenFlux yes, indeed

Sorry, but we don’t support Post of multipart/form-data yet.