Sending Whatsapp Messages

I have two tables:
1- Students
2- Messages

In the table Message, I have a column called “Status”
it contains either “Ready” or “Archive”

I want to send messages to specific students only when the message “Status” is Ready

to do so i creates an action , to go to an external website:
CONCATENATE(“Share on WhatsApp),"&text=",CONCATENATE(Select(Message[details],[CID]=[_THISROW].[ID]),[Name]))…

It works fine… but I don’t know how to check about the Message status, because I need only the messages with Ready status to be sent no any other message

Please any suggestions,

If I understand correctly, today it’s doing what you need but sending all the messages, “Ready” and “Archive” ones?
Have you tried AND()?

Maybe you’re looking for this?


Thank you for the quick reply, yes it helped me a lot in figuring out the solution…
I used the following expression


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