Sending Whatsapp text

I was wondering if there is a way to send Whatsapp texts when user adds in a new input to appsheet.

For example,
User A key information of person B (information such as name, phone number etc). When the input is added to appsheet, person B will then receive a text stating that his details has been added.

I have concatenated the whatsapp link and I am aware that I can create a workflow to excess to Whatsapp. However, user will have to manually click on the “send” button in the app itself instead of having the text to be sent automatically.

Hi @Laura_Hong yes you are right. You have to manually click “Send” in WhatsApp.
There are methods to do this automatically, but it requires some work :slight_smile:


CallMeBot web API offer a REST API to send WhatsApp messages to users. It is very simple to setup and you can call to an HTTP Webhook task from AppSheet Flow.


  1. Create a Custom Bot
  2. Choose an Event to trigger the bot
  3. Create a Custom Step
  4. In the Task to Run, Select “Send Notification”.
  5. Select “Call a WebHook”
  6. Fill these fields:
  URL:[your phone number]&text=[Text Message]&apikey=[your apikey]    (check callmebot webpage to get the apikey)
  HTTP Content Type: JSON
  Body: {}

That’s all.
Now every time that the “event” occurs, you will receive a WhatsApp notification into your mobile phone.

Update: I created step-by-step instructions to send free WhatsApp messages from AppSheet: Whatsapp Messages from AppSheet - CallMeBot API