Separate a EnumList Comma with Carrige return in a Template Form


I am creating a template that reports session data from the table Sessions.

One of the columns in Sessions is an enumlist column, " [Interventions Used]" of interventions that gets it options by setting the Auto Computer --> Suggested Values to “select(Interventions[Intervention], true)”

So that all the values in the "Interventions " will be available for selection.

This results in the value in the “[Interventions Used]” being “Opt1, Opt2, Opt3”
I would like them to appear as

I tried <<SUBSTITUTE([Interventions Used], “,”, "

(That is two lines)

But that just resulted in “Opt1 Opt2 Opt3” in the generated file.

I have managed a workaround by doing a <<Start: >> call with a filter
<<Start:FILTER(Interventions, in([Intervention],[_ThisRow].[Interventions Used]))>>
<< End>>

But I worry that this adds unnecessary overhead to the processing so I would like to find a more simple solution.


I wouldn’t worry about it; your solution looks good to me. :slight_smile:

You’d have to have a really complex template with lots of records to actually cause a noticeable performance hit.

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