Separate the data in row as per selected customer from drop down list

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I am creating an app where an Executive need to fill a daily task of which customer he will visit on that day. I have created a table ‘customer’ which consist of a list of customers which I have referred to the daily task form ( Table Task update ).

So, when the executive fills the form, I want to give an option “How many customers will he visit today” type number ( For example if he typed ‘3’ ), another option will have all the list (Type Enum List) of customers, he should be able to select only 3 customers and after submitting the data, It should be updated in the database within 3 Rows separating every customer in every row in ( Table Task update )

Is this possible to do ?, Also please suggest me any function and the code.
Thanks in advance.

So… are you trying to add new records based on that Enumlist or updating existing customer records?

I’m trying to add a new record from the existing customer list in a new table @Aleksi

I’m afraid we don’t have direct way to add new records automatically. It’s in a developing phase, but it’s not ready yet. Though you could use API connection for doing this. Please check this article…

Ok, I will check out this link hope it helps me. Thanks @Aleksi

Can I count the item selected in the drop-down list (Enum list) and show the count in the separate column.

Yes you can do that with a COUNT([EnumListColumnName])

This is the error I got after using count.
“The expression is valid but its result type ‘Number’ is not one of the expected types: EnumList”

Is it because of type? @Aleksi

Yes, you should use number field.

Since my column is having an value as list of customer names,it will give error in form while submitting. @Aleksi

Can we have a function where if the user input number 2 then the following drop-down should give the user to select only 2 Customer from the whole list?

Yes you can do that with the TOP expression. Like TOP(TableName[ColumnName],2).

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