Separate two types of images: "take a photo" from "choose from gallery"

we need to separate two types of images: “take a photo” from “choose from gallery” in different input forms to gain speed during the filling of the fields…its so boring to choice one of these options and then confirm if the photo is ok or if you need to repeat the photo…resuming we need to click 3 times to execute a simple action take a photo! thanks

I believe that once you tap the camera icon in AppSheet you are placed into the devices’ processing. The buttons to “Take Photo” or “Choose Existing” are being asked by the device itself.

I’ve checked on the iPhone and I don’t seem to have any settings to control this. Maybe other devices do?

I do wonder, supporting this post, if AppSheet even has the option to bypass the initial buttons?

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Choose from existing only appear if we enable it in UX - Form Options

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Oh yeah. I see that! I probably played with it in the past but forgot about it.

So you can bypass the “Take Photo” or “Choose Existing” buttons altogether and go straight to the camera.

So this gives the ability to always take a photo. To your point, maybe you want to always choose an existing photo so always go to the camera roll without all the button taps.

I saw that depending on the Camera App, you don’t need to confirm this.
For example Horizon Camera.

This would save you at least 1 step :wink:

Under UX --> LOCALIZE at least you could change the message to " " depending on the form view. So the user could not tap it.

Would look like: