Separator Line

Hello. Quick question - is there a way to add a separator line in the Menu View? Just looking for a way to visually separate the options in that list that look similar.

Example Menu:
Inventory List
Inventory Onhand
Inventory Backordered
– [add separator line here] –
Sales 2018
Sales 2019
– [add separator line here] –
Purchase Home Products
Purchase Business Products
– [add separator line here] –
Contact Pricing Department

There are a couple of things I know you can do>

First is to make use of Show type columns setting them to “Section Headers”. This is shown in the example below as “First Section” and “Second Section”.

Alternatively, you could simply add a column that is non-editable and displays a divider line set the Display name to blank. You can see an example of that as the dashed line in the example below.

In both cases, you can add the additional columns into your datasource in the order you want them to appear in the data. OR, you can create Virtual Columns and then use a Slice to position the VC’s where you want them in the data.

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