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Hi everyone, I would like to know in what way you can do something to avoid having the disadvantages with the separators of thousands and decimals in the price and number fields, since depending on the region this varies, and almost always there are problems when working with the traditional excel. thanks :slight_smile:

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Forgive me if I misunderstand the question.

We select the decimal and thousands separator we display based on the Locale of the AppSheet table.
You can see the Locale for the table under the Localization setting for the table.
We normally determine the Locale of the table based on the Google Sheets Locale setting.

For more information search on β€œLocale” i the documentation.

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I think if that was the problem. thanks

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Hello Phil, I was able to solve the problem from the spreadsheet. but for example: here in Panama the separator of thousands is β€œ,” and the decimal is β€œ.”, since the spreadsheet works well, but from my app it is still different. I attach the photos

From APP:

From Spreadsheet:

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Are you referring to how the data is displayed in the AppSheet application on the client device?
If so, that is controlled by the Locale setting on the client device.

This article explains how to set the Locale

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Thanks Phill that was the problem :+1::facepunch:

change the google chrome browser settings and it worked

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