Sequence of action

i had create sequence of actions, Action-1 Generate work flow pdf and then action-2 View Pdf, It directly excecute action-2 and it shows me that bad request, I want to run action-2 after the action-1 is completed and pdf generated. how to do this?

You’ll need to utilize either a Workflow to make the PDF, or perhaps a new Automation Task.

Once you generate the file, then you can use an action inside the app to view the file.

To give you an idea of how this works, I actually have this exact setup inside an app of mine

Full Disclosure: this app is 3 years old and in desperate need of updating… but it’s functional so… :roll_eyes:

PS: forgot to show the action that sets the [Invoice_file_path]

Here’s a screenshot of the formula for the [Invoice_File_Path]:

…and here’s the formula for constructing the NAME of the invoice (from the workflow):

Notice how the they’re almost the same

  • the only difference is that the [Filepath] column’s value actually includes the file path, and the file extension. :rofl: