Sequence of Actions not showing in menu bar(three dots)


Is there a reason I can’t see an action button that executes a sequence of actions in the three dots menu bar on the right hand side?

I have set up actions and a workflow to take the user to a form to selct a date which changes the selected row of another table all in one button. However it does not give the option to select multiple rows and click the action button in the right hand menu bar for a bulk action.



@Phil_Waite There was another post similar to this not to long ago. I created a sample app that demonstrated the differences between two type of actions and posted a video of it. The person watched the video and compared their settings to what i was showing in the video and when they confirmed the settings were good and retried…it all began working as if by magic! :slight_smile:

Here is that post, maybe it will help you? Scroll down a bit to see the video I posted for example of bulk actions. If it doesn’t help, let me know and we can look deeper at your actions.