Sequencing multiple workflow rules under same condition


This is not so uncommon a use case. I have a client app where service calls are added for some equipment. After the service call is complete, I want an email to be sent out to the office (so the condition rule is something like
AND([_THISROW_BEFORE].[PickupStatus]="Service", [_THISROW_AFTER].[PickupStatus]="Complete" ).

Now, the client is asking if that row can be deleted from the table as it is no longer needed.

I could do this by adding a data change workflow with the same condition as above to trigger an action that will delete that row. However, I don’t know how I can guarantee that the row will not be deleted until after the email is sent out.

How can we ensure the sequence in such situations?

@Phil @Aleksi

Workflow actions are executed in sequence so it should work.
Let me know if it does not.