Sequential Order ID numbers

Hi there,

I am testing the Order Capture sample app.

I noticed that the Order ID and OrderDetails ID are generated in a mix of characters and numbers.

Is there a way to format them nicely and to be in sequence?

For example:

Order ID : E20001
Order ID : E20002
Order ID : E20003

OrderDetails ID - E20001-L1
OrderDetails ID - E20001-L2
OrderDetails ID - E20001-L3

OrderDetails ID - E20002-L1
OrderDetails ID - E20002-L2

In generally speaking yes that’s possible but in real world it’s not. If two or more users are using the app at the same time, it won’t work. Please check this article…


How about leaving those “key” columns as it is?

Then we add a new column for auto generated sequential Numbers?

So that users have a “user-friendly” number to refer to for their orders.

I’m afraid the situation is the same. If two users are adding a new record at the same, they both will have the same number.