Serial No. in Table form

Please guide me how can I add serial No. to list of Table in Form. If i chose _RowNumber It gives Row No. of Google Sheet data and in this case if I sort the data the this gets mingled up. I just want the Serial No. of Table Rows.


thanks for your reply. But my query is to view the Line Number of Report in Table. I dont want to save the serial no. in data base i.e., Google sheet or other. I just want view the Line no. of rows presently populated in table Form.

Im not sure exactly what you are trying to do but maybe COUNT()

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Dear It will result in No. of Records in a Sheet.
I Have Attached the Screen Shot of Requirement.
I just need the Line No. under SLN Column
Note I have added a Virtual Column for Serial no.

Hi @Anup_Shimla

Are you talking about [_ROWNUMBER] ?

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What you want is not readily possible.

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Then Is There any other Method to overcome the issue.