Seriously issues with ios app


everyday in the afternoon, my appsheet ios app will stop working…

I keep deleting and reinsatlling but the app will continue in the black screen with “loading…” and the wheel keep turning…

does anyone have this problem?

i tried using another iphone and there seems to be no problem…so maybe something is incompatible on my phone?

would appreciate some help…



I believe you have the latest Appsheet app version, haven’t you. What iOS version are you using?

I’m using iOS 12.3.1

its soo strange, I installed AppSheet on my other iPhone which is an older model and it has no problem.

mine is the most update AppSheet app, but it keeps loading, and even if I’m signed in it wouldn’t go to the main page. it just goes back to the sign in page.
I have deleted it and installed many time, including turning iPhone off and restarting again. it just doesn’t work. does AppSheet clash with any other apps?



Is it possible that your memory is full or like almost full?

Hi, one of mine user is experiencing something similar. Did you find any solution ?