Server Caching Question

Is it possible to force a server cache update? I’m building an app that will only contain my historical data so I want to cache it for either the 1 hr or the 1 day. It will update throughout the day on the backend but my users are not going to be needed immediately correct information. Given the frequency of users I would like to have it set to 1 day have it cache for the morning and update it maybe twice a day at like 11am and 4pm.

Perhaps by contacting to request a manual refresh, but I’m not aware of any other possibility.

Probably just need to do the 1 hr window then and hope my users frequent this app enough to keep it caching often enough to be fast.
Another question, does having a couple non-read only table affect caching? Like if I have a whole app that’s read only would it be better than 1-2 update able tables? Really trying to make this as snappy as I can since I am having to make a couple compromises in this system overall due to other things.

I’m afraid I have no idea.

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