Server Errors

I am getting server errors on all my apps ;(


Yes, I am also getting the same error.

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so am I

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…same here

Guys same - from Australia - cant get in ONLINE or via apps on mobile

Me as well. Was getting Cloudflare error until even editor became unavailable.

The whole main website seems to be unresponsive for some reason. Global outage somewhere, maybe?

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Agreed - Website become unresponsive !

We have the same problem…

Good to know its not just me.

Ooo 502 error points to DNS issues. So perhaps servers hosting AppSheet got messed up by Google or wherever they’re hosted at.

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agreed - We are experiencing a big troubles

I’m getting the same, both in editor and apps. I’m in Mexico

I’ll also note the patch notes for today got pulled. Shouldn’t be related, but could be.


Same problem in Malaysia also

Yeah, being a DNS related error, it’s gunna be everywhere.

It’s working now

it’s seem to be good and back to normal.

From Vietnam with headache :frowning:

Yes looking good now

Guys - looks like it is better - would be great to understand what happened.