Server location


My database is located in Asia as I have all my users there.
Would it be faster If I relocate my database close to Appsheet’s Machines?
If yes, where would that be?

Thanks a lot

@Stefan_Quartemont maybe you have an idea? :slight_smile:

I could see this improving the speed if you put your server at the same location as AppSheets closest server to your users.

You can ask your sales rep which server is the closest to your users


@Stefan_Quartemont Tahnks a lot, I will do that

Our servers are located in Western Europe and on the US West Coast.


@Benoit_Gramond , looks like the choice is between two epic journeys for your data :

  1. Your data must cross the Pacific Ocean (That’s alot of water)
  2. Your data must cross the Himalayas and Russia (That’s really cold)

Choose your destiny


And lol
Reminds me, I read recently about a company that was migrating from Oracle to MS Azure, and they had so much data that if they transferred it over the internet it would take years, so they literally trucked the data from one location to the other physical location on disk… Bahaha

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Let’s roll the dice!

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That’s crazy!! Physically relocating your data warehouse… One day we’ll be big data players like that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: