Service Report app assistance


I am trying to create a list of customers, and within the list, when I choose the customer, I would like to create a link to a repair report (form).

I created one spreadsheet, with one sheet called customers, with all customers list.

And other sheets (inside same spreadsheet) with customer name and a table to be filled by the form.

I try some demo service report, but could not get it to work.

The spreadsheet has 40 sheets in it .



You can create an action in your Customers table with the LINKTOFORM deep-link expression and the action button will appear on the Customers Detail View. Or if your Customers View is Table type, than you can also set the prominence to inline and attach it to a column you defined to show in your table view.


I still have error after using LINKTOFORM.
when I have the small icon and press on it, it show error.

see this sample, I would want to go to the customer, and than edit the form of what was done.