Set a limit of how many digits can be inputted in a cell

Hi community =)

I’m trying to make a simple app for member registration and facing a problem with data validation. desperately need help.

I need an formula/expression that sets limit of digits can be inputted in a cell based on the value of other column.

say i have 2 columns, BANK and ACCOUNT NUMBER
i need to limit digits in ACCOUNT NUMBER to 10 if value in BANK is CENTRAL BANK, and limit 15 digits in ACCOUNT NUMBER if value in BANK is LOCAL BANK.

Any help is much appreciated

[acc] must be text.

A valid if , something like

And(isnotblank([bank]);isnotblank([acc]);[bank]=“nameA”;Len([acc])=10) ;

And(isnotblank([bank]);isnotblank([acc]);[bank]=“nameB”;Len([acc])=15) )

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Sounds like the subject of the topic is same as ; -