Set Data Validity Based On Slice

Currently I use a Valid If expression to produce a picker like:


Can this somehow be based on what slice the view is in?

Or better yet, can I assign an Initial Value of a column based on what slice the entry is made in?

For instance,
The main table is Jobs_App View.
Slice #1 is for T&M entries
Slice #2 is for Time Tracking Entries
Both Slices are of Jobs_App View.

Is there way to have an Initial Value of “T&M Entry” in a column based on the entry being entered while in Slice #1’s UX, meanwhile, set an Initial Value of “Time Tracking Entry” in the same column (different row) based on an entry being entered while in Slice #2’s UX?

I don’t think there is, but thought I would ask.

Thanks in advance,

You may want to read these:

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Interesting, thanks.
I’ll let you know how it goes

I tried this, but I must be missing something

Initial Value:
IFS(CONTEXT(“View”)=(“T&M Entries”), “T&M”)

It just gives me nothing in the column

Is T&M Entries the exact name of the form view?

Yes. The form view is a slice, but it is definitely “T&M Entries” (just did a copy and paste)

Is it because it’s a deck view, and not a form view?

Yeah, so I changed it to Form View and it works. Thanks for pointing that out

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