Set future reminders/notifications based on expiration date


I would like to send out a notification with a 30 day lead time from an expiration date, for example.
I’ve set up a report for daily frequency but having trouble defining the condition to evaluate the expiration date column and see it’s within 30 days of expiration. I would like the notifications to be sent out even if today’s date is past expiration date.

Is today’s date on or after 30 days prior to the expiration date?

(TODAY() >= ([Expiration Date] - 30))
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Thank you, Steve. That worked! I tested by clicking on “Run” from the report and it correctly sent out the notifications. However, the scheduled time did not trigger. I set it to daily and time set to send a few minutes ahead, but that did not fire off. Does not it send notifications the same day?

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@Peter_S1 Make sure your app is deployed. See Reports | AppSheet Help Center


ahh okay, got it. It only works for deployed apps. Thank you.

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