Set picture size parameters?

I have a template that fits perfectly to a page. However, if someone attaches a picture, the photo appears so big that the report carries over to a second page.

Is there a way to set parameters for pictures in a template? That way, no matter who takes a picture, it will always be properly sized so that a picture isn’t causing weird printing problems.

The report just needs to show a photo, not exactly EVIDENCE to be examined. I would like to fit to one page for aesthetic reasons.


That works in the email. Great. However, your idea does not help in a Report using a document template.

@Work_Goscinski try containing your image expression within a table when using a document template. The image size will respond according to the table width.

You can format the table appearance if you don’t want to include the table borders to appear on the final result.



I have done like you said.

It doesn’t work.

@Work_Goscinski the image appears so big because like I said, it will respond to the table width containing the expression <<[Photo of Issue(s)]>>

table width

I believe that is what my picture shows above: Column width is 1 in. in that particular table.

You try putting the image expression <<[Photo of Issues]>> within the signature cell in the table and lets see what will happen

table width

No Difference.

I even made a 2nd table with no borders inside the Remarks section. Put the Photo in a 2x2 square. And the picture is still jumbo.

What I see as “odd” is this: The solution provided above by Marc_Dillon works when it is a WORKFLOW. The images resize properly. But his solution doesn’t apply here because it is a report–even though both a workflow and report use the same template.

Template when run as a Workflow:

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if you created a format rule for the workflow in the UX panel of the app editor, then the trick of containing the image expression within a table will not work.

try deleting the format rule for the workflow in the UX section


Hot diggety! It worked. There was a conflict between the 2, apparently.

I disabled the workflow solution, used yours, and BAM!


Thank you all for your help.


now you can manually resize the image according to your liking by adjusting the table column width.

glad it works.


Absolutely. I really appreciate your help. Nicely done.