Set specific range for chart (col series)

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I’m working on an app to note the body temperature in a period of 30 days. The temperature ranges from 36° to 37,5°. I’ve limited the range for that column to those values as minimum and maximum already.

My plan was to make the temperature curve visible by using the days for the x-axis and the temperature for the y-axis which is working fine so far. I’m using the col series [line] for this purpose.

However, I haven’t figured out how to limit the displayed range to 36 minimum and 37,5 maximum to make the shifts more visible.
Is there a way to limit the displayed range to 36° - 37,5°?

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if possible, could you share how the chart is looking now? Does it not start at 36° ?

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Thanks! It is starting at 0° which kind of makes the differences hard to detect.

Here’s another image showing the data for the input

Thank you. Do you have any reading with zero or blank in the table for the temperature column?

It sounds that from the day 11 onwards there are no readings yet available, even though the days exist in the table?

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Np, thanks for your help! Exactly, the days exist in the table but the temperature for each day is yet to be filled out. Should I fill in temperature values as dummies to avoid the blanks?

Alright, that works already :slight_smile:

Not necessarily. You need not fill in those values because it will be incorrect readings.

You could create a slice on the table with an expression something like AND( [Temperatur]>0 , ISNOTBLANK([Temperatur]))

This will eliminate rows with the zero reading. Please base your chart on this slice.

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Ok, perfect - I will do that right away!

Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate i!

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You are welcome. All the best with your app.

You will find many useful help articles, sample apps at the below link. Just search by the keywords such as “Chart, Slice, Views” … etc.

The below post also has many useful references

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Awesome - I will deep dive into the the article and check the posts to improve the app! I’m still at the beginning but I am blown away about the possibilities

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Sure. Yes the possibilities with AppSheet are enormous for building business mobile apps. Also please feel free to post your queries in the community. We all start fresh on a new product/system at some time and we all have learning curve.

Thanks again! The formula for the slice AND([Column] > 0, ISNOTBLANK(Column]) worked perfectly!

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