Set to show a view based on selection


Can we set to show view based on selection of fields such as attached screenshot below. Based on the field type Input Product as : Measurable or Ready Product I want the below table view to change. For ok instance if the Input Product as Measurable Product then I want view showing only following columns : Item Name,Qty,Pricelist Rate,Amount.

I have created the views accordingly.but not sure where to add the expression. Have tried link to view but it didn’t work.

Hi @Boa_Casa

You can.
I suggest you create slices with the columns you wish to display.
let’s say:

  1. yourSliceWithColumnsDependingOnCriteria1
    source table : yourChildrenTable
    columns: you pick the one you want to display for criteria1
  2. yourSliceWithColumnsDependingOnCriteria2
    source table : yourChildrenTable
    columns: you pick the one you want to display for criteria2

Then, let’s get back to your main table columns.
You must have a column, that you decided to rename “window blinds” and that probably was named first: “Related windowBlinds”.
For explanation purpose, let’s call it “related Children”.
Assuming its expression is:
REF_ROWS("yourChildrenTable", "yourRelationIDColumn")
your workaround will use its expression.

Please add a virtual column, let’s name it “childrenCriteria1”, and its expression will be:
REF_ROWS("yourSliceWithColumnsDependingOnCriteria1", "yourRelationIDColumn")
another one, same idea:
REF_ROWS("yourSliceWithColumnsDependingOnCriteria2", "yourRelationIDColumn")

Finally, you will use a show_if condition on these “list of ref” virtual columns.

And you will set your show_if expression for the column “childrenCriteria1” this way:
the same for the “childrenCriteria2” column:

and please remember to untick the “related Children” show option.

This way, the columns of the expected slices that you set for your criteria will be displayed, and the other will be hidden :slight_smile:

Let us know if that works for you !