Set value of a "date" column? I have a dropd...

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Set value of a “date” column?

I have a dropdown of selectable priority periods that inspectors can choose from:

Emergency, 1-3 days, 4-7 days, 30+ days.

In the app I have a “due by” Date column only available to admin. How can I set the “due by” column off of the selected priority period?

In other words, if the inspector selects “1-3 days,” the “due by” column should show Today plus 3 days.


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You can use an AppFormula for that column SWITCH([Period],

“1-3 days”, TODAY() + 3,

“4-7 days”, TODAY() + 7,

“30+ days”, TODAY() + 30)

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@praveen In which column should I enter that formula?

The two columns are “Priority” and “Due By.”

The column with the range-of-days for the inspectors is called “Priority” (Emergency, 1-3 days, etc.)

The admin column is called “Due By.” The “Due By” column (which is a “date” column type) is the column where I want the magic to happen. I’d like for the “Due By” column to show Today’s date plus the selected range of days.


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You’d probably add this in the AppFormula for the Due By column

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Thank you!!