Set value of multiple rows from user input

I have a row for each day of the week for each store in my company. I want my user to be able to change all the open/close hours with one input, whether thats a form or a button that copies the hours from the current selected row to the other days of the week for that store. I haven’t found a way to pass values to multi row edits. The execute an action on a set of rows was my first idea but I don’t see a way to set the value of a different row based on current row for multiple rows.

Can you change the data design at all? My first impression is that maybe the Days should be columns in a single row. This would allow you to use a Virtual Column switch, e.g. “Copy to All Days” that when set, copies the hours from the first day automatically into all the other days right in the form all in one shot.

If the data design needs to remain as is, meaning the store hours need to be rows by day, then it is still doable. My first thought is again to set a flag, “Copy to All Days”, in the form so that when this day row is saved, you can inspect this row to see if the flag is set. If so then have your Workflow call an Action to do that “execute an action on a set of rows”. You can identify all the rows that need “copied to” where the flag is BLANK. The row to “copy from” is where the flag is TRUE. When done, reset the flag for the next edit.

I hope this is clear but if not just let me know