Set workflow attachment path

Hi all,
Trying to get pdfs generated via a workflow to save to a particular folder.
I’ve changed the default app folder in ‘info’ to \Shared drives\Farm info\Farm packs\2019_2020 Farms
And set the workflow attach and archive to
\Shared drives\Farm info\Farm packs\2019_2020 Farms[farm name]\Stockpiles

The main thing there is to get the file to save in the relevant farm’s ‘Stockpiles’ folder, using [farm name] which is a column in the app.

I’ve done a few tests and I can’t get it to work. Any suggestions?

Hi @Chris_Bean1

Does following expression help?

CONCATENATE("\Shared drives\Farm info\Farm packs\2019_2020 Farms",[farm name],"\Stockpiles")

Why are you using back slash \ , instead of normal slash / within the strings?
I suspect it is possibly causing a part of your problems.

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Very good catch @tsuji_koichi,

I believe the expression in tha case can be

CONCATENATE("/Shared drives/Farm info/Farm packs/2019_2020 Farms",[farm name],"/Stockpiles")

Thanks guys - I have tried your latest suggestion in the expression, and changed the default app path to
/Shared drives/Farm info/Farm packs/2019_2020 Farms but it’s still not placing the pdf in the correct place. I’ve done a search on my shared drives and can’t find the file anywhere.
Note that [farm name] is a virtual column - shouldn’t make a difference, but thought I’d mention it

Where is \Shared drives relative to the spreadsheet?

By default, the captured image is saved in a subfolder in the same location as the spreadsheet.

  • The subfolder is called {TableName} _Images by default.
  • You can optionally specify a custom folder name by using the FolderLocation property of the column definition.

The custom folder is also relative to the location of the source spreadsheet.

You can not save images outside of the folder where your spreadsheet is, or subfolders of that folder.

You might be able to move your spreadsheet to the Shared Drive folder and make a copy of the app to change the default path, then have access to the Shared Drive’s subfolders.

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Thanks - I am however working with pdfs generated from a workflow, not images taken by a device in the app.

I believe the same behaviour exists with a relative folder path for files:

If Shared Drives/ is not a sub-folder of your app’s default folder then it will be inaccessible as a storage location.

Your files may be getting saved to:
Drive/appsheet/data/{app-name}/Files/Shared drives/Farm info/Farm packs/2019_2020

-instead of:
Shared drives/Farm info/Farm packs/2019_2020

So you would have to change your default app folder from:

Shared Drive/

However, be aware that doing so will affect all default image/file storage for all columns, and change custom paths to be relative to this new location. Also, links to existing images/files may no longer work unless you move the folders to the same relative path.

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