Setting Date Time Recording when Scanning a Barcode

Hello! I’m setting up an App, at the moment I have it already working scanning barcodes. I just want it to record the time/date of each scan individually. At the moment is scanning correctly just its now recording the time right, it just records the time of the first scan and it uploads that date to each of my columns and not the one designated for that time/date. I have seen videos/docs but cant quite find one that fits my needs. Any help would be appreciated (videos,docs,etc), here is a link to my app.


How are you populating the date/time now?

Initial formulas? ChangeTimestamp columns?

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I placed change timestamps columns on the column that I want to register the date/time of when the scanned cell is “scanned”, . I uploaded some pictures of how my excel sheet Is set up and my columns.





It seems as though you have an initial value formula of TODAY() for those change timestamp columns; remove that and see what happens.

Also, in your change timestamp columns did you specify the column that they should be watching?

Okay, thanks for the help, really appreciated.

Seems that I didn’t specify, where do I actually go to specify it?

If you open up the column definitions for your change timestamp columns, you’ll see two spaces:

  • one to specify columns that the change timestamp should be watching
  • when to specify values that the change timestamp should be watching for
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So let me get this straight.

  1. Go to Data Tab
  2. Go to the Columns Tab
    3.( The Information Labels are going to be displayed in the following order; Name-Type- Key- Label- Formula-Show- Editable- Require- Initial Value- Display Name- Description- Search- Scan-NFC-PII.)
  3. The one that specifies the “watching” column is FORMULA?
  4. The one that registers the values is INITIAL VALUE?

Once again thank you for your time.


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Looks like we need an updated video. :laughing: The platform has changed so much!

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