Setting Specific row's value using the current browsed row

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Hi Community!

As stated in the title, I have trouble setting the value of a column of specific row( provided with key) using the current row’s data. I created an action that “Sets the value of a column” and added another one that references the previous action with “Execute an action on a set of rows”. The problem here is that the output being set is based on the column value of the target row.

Suppose that I selected row 10. I want row 10’s [Identification key] column to be copied in the [Selected key] in row 1. What happened is that row 1’s [Identification key] value is the one being put in the [Selected key], not from row 10. I hope you could help me on this.


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You are doing this in a same table?

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I think if you want the value that is being set to come from a different row than the target row; then perhaps in your first action (“Sets the value of a column”) you could use a LOOKUP() to grab the value from another row?

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Yes I am doing this on the same table

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Hi Reza. I really do not know how to use LOOKUP in this situation. The target row does not really have a hold from the souce row.

To be specific, the value of the first parameter to put in LOOKUP() is not really known from row 1’s perspective.

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@RPD_Mobile_Apps Have you tried to use LOOKUP([_THISROW].[ColumnName],…)?

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I tried but does not work really

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What kind of reference do you have between these rows… or is there any? With the question I mean you should have some kind of reference so you would know what is the source row. It should be row#10, but you should know it from the row#1.