Setting up dependancy relationships multiple levels

i’m really after suggestions, on how i should go about doing this order form, im not after hugely detailed instructions, just suggestions or references on how a specific step could be done & or links to examples would be greatly appreciated.

I know my posts are a jumbled mess, it takes me like an hour to get out what i need to say and i know it doesn’t make sense at times, apologies.

i have database of Staff members, Customers, Vehicles, Services & Line items

Staff Member {Drop-down) with the option to Add new
Customer {Drop-down) with the option to Add new
Vehicles {Drop-down) with the option to Add new (these vehicles are customer owned)
Services {Multiple option icon select for multiple services in single order}
Line items {dependant on service selected} but with manual price input for each

Once all the above details are created & or selected there are a few markup, tax & discount options mostly working in Percentages, options like

Markup {either drop-down or hidden static multiplier
Tax {drop-down} 10% default
Discount {drop-down} select anything between 0%-50%

at the end i have a “Retail Price”

I sort of got a lot of this working, the calculation side i was mostly calculating via google sheets and pulling data back into the app as “results”

but its the dependencies, i could not get right, eg i pick Customer 1, but its showing a lost of all vehicles not a list of ONLY vehicles he owns. I would assume some sort of reference to them owning the vehicle?
its the "ownership side if things i keep messing up somewhere along the lines.

Cheers for your help. & its cool if i don’t get any ill just keep reading and learning :slight_smile:


can i just pay someone do make this work. :stuck_out_tongue:

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From what you’re saying here, it sounds like you’ve got references between the customer table and the others; yes?

If so, then in the customers table, you’ll find the Related columns that have appeared - one for each table you connected to the customer table with a reference.

Since you’ve done this, you can use a de-reference formula to pull the related vehicles and such from the customer that’s selected.

On your order form, you’ve got a field to select the vehicle; in the valid if, you’d put something like this:

[Order_Customer].[Related Vehicles]

Here’s some further reading that might help: