Setting UserSettings via an Action

Hi, I don’t think there is a way to do this at present. Rather than using the Settings menu to adjust User Settings manually, I’d like to set these via an Action, that would be called in a Workflow. This seems in principal like an easy low hanging fruit - and a feature that others would find useful.

Let me know if I need to elaborate further - I think this is clear. Thank you kindly, Kerry.

I was just going to inquire if this was possible, seems it’s not.

This would be very handy as a way to discretely store user-dependent variables (such as like when they’ve seen an alert or something that only needs to happen once).

Thanks for considering!

Doesn’t seem like this will happen. :frowning:

This is definitely required and awaited to come!
I posted exactly same request earlier and exchanged appsheet team, and reaction was positive.
Hope they are working on!

Better to marge feature request?

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And believe it or not, today I was looking as well for this future. So hopefully it will come one day.

Make it happen guys. This is a must for my app.


This post might be of help