Several tables or several sheets

hi, is it better to have 1 table with several sheets or several tables with 1 sheet or maybe others configurations could be betters ?

The answer to your question is: it depends

it depends of what ?

it depends of hundreds of things, issues, design criteria, app structure, table structure, database relationships, data types, data size, user base, how many users etc.etc.etc. So as to say: it depends

ok, so, can you give me an example where it s better to have 1 table X sheets, 1 example for X tables 1 sheet, and 1 example for an other config

“It depends.”


ok, i check your links but it’s too abstract for me. I don’t have enought knowledges on appsheet for now.
Maybe you can give me some keys to start to understand it.

actually i have 2 apps. the first is a technician report app with only 1 table containing 10 sheet :

  • customer = 5000 rows
  • maintenance interventions = 12 000 rows
  • calls, to do, list, … contains only few hundreds rows

I start the second app with only 1 sheet on each table. Actually there is 10 table.
It’s an app for a grooming salon. so, there is only couple hundred rows on each table.
customers, dogs, appointements, invoices …