Severe Bug related to Just-Announced SQL Server Performance Improvement

Right at the same time this change/announcement went into effect, all of our apps that connect with SQL Server are failing to connect. We made no changes to the apps, or the SQL server database during this time. Going into the Account Settings and modifying (confirming, not changing) the SQL Server datasource is successful: it both tests and authenticates successfully. However every single app has an error like this now:


This is a very severe issue for us because we have mission critical applications utilizing SQL Server data.

Our SQL Server instance is hosted on SQL Server 2017 / Windows Server 2019.

Hi Nilson,

Can you tell me your account id and app name?
I have sent an email to the email address associated with an account that seemed to be linked to your name.


If any one else is seeing a similar Microsoft SQL Server database connectivity issue please let me know here.

The nature of the change was to specify a “Packet Size” of 32767 in the Microsoft SQL Server connection string. Previously this defaulted to 8192. By increasing the “Packet Size” we greatly reduced the number of packets being sent and there by significantly improved performance.

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Hi Phil san

My app working on Azure SQL is running okey, but I don’t see any of visible improvements for the sync speed. Wondering yet new code is arriving to my account…

Hi Koichi-san,

I think it should be in force for your Microsoft SQL Server apps.
The change applies to every app going through the Microsoft SQL Server provider.
If you can provide the account id and app name I can check.
If you prefer, you can send that info to my private Google email account.
I think you have that email address.


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Nilson and I are in communication via private email.
I will summarize what we learn here when we have more information.

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Sure Phil-san, WIll send mail to you in a few mins.


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