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Hi All,

Is it possible to generate a link of a record, share it by email/text, then the recipient can follow the link to open the exact record in the white label mobile app (not web app. I do not want user to open the app from a web browser, only their mobile app)?

Basically, I have a table that contain lessons. Instead of telling students that they can look up for a specific lesson on the app, they can just follow a link on their mobile device and it will open the app at the exact lesson.

Thank you!

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Hi @LeventK

I did try that but I might be missing something.

Here’s what I did. I added a field with this expression: LINKTOROW([Key], “Card_Detail”, “Myappid”). I set it up as a Text field type but appsheet automatically change it to be: App
The end result looks like this:

(I blurred the app id)

As you see the visible text is not a full url that I can shared by email or text. Also from the mobile app I can’t even copy this text because it’s not a text field type.

Just to make sure, I am looking to have a text field that would generate a url that I can copy and share by email/text. The recipient has already downloaded he white label app and can simply open this link which will automatically open the white label app on the exact record.

Is that possible?

Thank you!

Did anyone have encounter this need before?

Yes of course it’s possible, why not. Why do you need to copy&paste to email? Why don’t you send it via email workflow? You can construct the URL like this in the email body:


Also worth reading this which is a different approach but very similar so you can adopt:


Thank you. I will give it a try. Can I also do it outside of the email body?
I would like to generate a link that I can share on social media for example. The link will open the whitelabel app. Ideally, if the user doesn’t have it, it will prompt to download it.

Also is it possible to prevent user to open the app on the web browser and force to use the mobile app?

Yes, you can.

You can refer to CONTEXT() function for that.


@LeventK The expression below works great but it always open the app in the browser no matter if the user has the mobile app installed. How can I have a similar url that will automatically open it on the mobile app?


Thanks for the CONTEXT() function.

That’s possibly because the user had set the browser as the default app for http/https tagged URLs. In the latest Android OS (no idea about iOS), the device proposes to open it with AppSheet for example. This way or the other, opening the link in the browser will not be an issue, because it will open the app itself actually.


That works. Thank you!

I wish I could have a “whitelabel” url as well but that would do.

You’re welcome